5 Essential Elements of an Appealing Web Design

The overall layout is one of the things to consider in creating a web design. An appealing web design can create a good “first impression” to a web user. There are five essential elements of an appealing website:

1.   ColoR


The website’s color can create a big impact on the experience of the user as it reflects the business’ identity or brand. The choice of colors depends on the purpose and client. It can either be plain or multi-colored.

2.   Font



The fonts can enhance the visual appearance of a website. They should be reader-friendly and suitable with the business brand. Moreover, there are web browsers that can only read various fonts (web-safe fonts). Hence, you have to make sure that they are compatible with any browser.

Note: Some fonts require licensing.

3.   Spacing



Space refers to the distance of one object (text, image or tab) in the website to another object. The spacing between the other elements should be adequate enough in order to deliver good website readability.

4.   Graphics



The graphics (images, logo, clipart and icons) that you put in your website should be appealing to attract readers. They should match the other elements of your web design, especially the color. They should also be positioned properly so that it will not affect the user experience.

Note: Be careful when using stock images because your website could look just like other sites. It is better to use custom images rather than stock images to ensure a distinct web design.

5.   Flow



The flow refers to the visual movement of a user when navigating the website. The ideal flow is like the image above.

An appealing web design is not just about good visual appearance. It is about creating a website that makes readers or customers stay on your website to learn more or to avail your products or services.


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