5 Common Mobile Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mobile site mistakes usually make a webpage unresponsive. They are also the reason why Google cannot easily access some webpage content. Here are 5 common mobile mistakes you should be aware of:

1. Improper URLs

Improper URLs

Make sure that the URL of your webpage is relevant to the content to avoid confusing your readers.

2. Slow mobile webpage

Slow Mobile Webpage

There is an error if a mobile webpage loads slowly. Try using PageSpeed Insight to determine what kind of error is this. PageSpeed Insight can determine the possible problem and recommend solutions to fix the error.

3. Blocked files and content

Blocked Files and Content

Avoid blocked files and irrelevant content in your webpage. Make sure that Google can also fully understand the Javascripts, CSS and images in your webpage. This can convince Google that your site should not be block. Also, if your files and content are easy-to-understand, Google will be able to index your webpage properly.

4. Avoid Interstitials

Avoid Interstitials

Interstitials are information in a form of pop-up that keep users from viewing the content of the webpage.

5. Unplayable video content

Unplayable Video Content

When a video is not supported with flash or another type of video player, it cannot be played on mobile devices.

Avoid these 5 common mobile mistakes to make your mobile webpage more user-friendly. You can also follow these 3 Important Guidelines to a Mobile-Friendly Site to assure the efficiency for your mobile web site.


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